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Our Services

Daewoo Buses & Spare Parts Agency

We are the sole Agent of Daewoo Buses and Spare parts in Ghana and West Africa. We also import and sell all Daewoo Buses. LEARN MORE

Transport Services


We provide state of the art transportation services in Ghana and the sub-region. We also run commercial transport and rental services in Ghana and West Africa . We are the owners and operators of GH-EXPRESS Buses in Ghana. LEARN MORE

Haulage Services

Ofori Poku Group of Companies also provides haulage services in Ghana. LEARN MORE

Sales of Building Materials

We supply all kinds of quality building materials such as cement, iron rod, binding wire etc. LEARN MORE

Tourism Services

We most affordable tourism services across Ghana and the sub-regions.

Sales and Rentals of Buses

We run and hire the following underlisted vehicles at very competitive price. Luxurious Buse, strong semi-trailers with the capacity of 46 cubic metric tone. We also have flat bodies for rentals.

Road Construction

Ofori Poku is an expert in all kinds of road construction and engineering works. We use good quality material which can withstand the harsh weather conditions.

Renewable Energy

We are experts in mitigation and adoptation programmes to fight climate change. We also undertake renewable energy projects in and around Ghana. We provide environmentally friendly vehicles and trains, Electricity buses, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) etc.

Private Vehicle Testing Services (PVTC)

We owned and operate private vehicle testing centres and run clean private vehicle testing for all class of private vehicles at very affordable prices across the country.

Mining Services

We are into mining activities. We create enabling environment for mining partners of all minerals and natural resources in Ghana. We mine in other precious minerals such as gold, bouxite etc.

Bilateral and Multilateral Investment Drive Partners

We are open to build strong bilateral and multilateral partnership tides on general goods and services.

Building Construction Services

We undertake good building construction and engeering services for individuals, corporate, government, private sector, NGO's etc. We have good, competent and experience engineerinsg who are ready to give your project a professional touch from scratch to finishing.